History: Kinchiles, is a 100% Mexican Company, dedicated to the production of organic habanero peppers in the Yucatan Peninsula (Settlement of the Mayan Culture). We hold the Yucatan Habanero Pepper appellation of origin. We offer an  unmatched quality because, our peppers are grown in greenhouses allowing us also a year-round production. We offer three different presentations: fresh, paste and powder. The habanero pepper is the most spicy edible pepper in the world. Its unique aroma and taste makes an extraordinary combination for many dishes.

The purpose of Kinchiles is to provide a high quality product, organically produced, environmentally friendly and to offer our employees job security. Kinchiles production complies with the United States National Organic Program  (USDA Organic) and  with CE regulations 834/2007 y CE 889/2008 of the European Community for Organic Farming.


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