Cultural practices

All our plants are carefully cultivated using the best prune techniques to achieve the maximum productivity and a superior quality fruit.  

Natural Plants

Natural Plants: Kinchiles plants receive, from its earliest stages, everything that is needed to become fully productive

Colour is Flavour!

Our habanero pepper variety is the authentic Yucatan Habanero Pepper, whose fruits mature from green to orange.

Natural Substrates

The bags on which our plants are cultivated are a mixture of local soils and compost.


As a part of our natural pest control, we have implemented the use of the mite AMBLYSEIUS SWIRSKII to control nucuos fauna.

Production Site

We have dedicated 4,100 m2 to the production of our habaneros. Within our greenhouse we have 8,000 habanero plants.

Maturation Process

Our habanero peppers are matured in a natural way, however, we constantly monitor the maturation process to deliver the best and the most fresh products.


Greenhouse: We use only the shadow mesh to minimize the effects of solar radiation on our plants. We have 1.5 hectares of protected cultivation, our current capacity is up 100 tonnes per season. The season begins in May and ends in December

Habanero Pepper Bloom

Habanero Pepper Bloom: Large fruit set is due to the presence of pollinating insects that bring positive effects on our plants.

Natural Soil

Natural Soil: Even though we use greenhouses for the production of habanero, we do not alter the nature of the soil, we do not use anti weeds materials. Every season/cycle we enrich the soil with new organic matter.